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Your work is so inspiring and pleasing to the eye, There isn't a photo with a fault, everything is perfection! I love looking at the photo's you've taken. Seeing the world through your eye is beautiful and I wish I always saw the world as you do.... xx
Gina Negus

Good Pictures!!!

Hi Muzna.

I was never imagine that you are a good photographer, nice photos and goods scenarios!!!!
Keep going!!!!!
Armando Cabrera


Muzna these photos are magnificent! I never knew you had an interest in photography.

Dele Oshunkentan

MB Gallery

Stunning images! It's amazing how quickly you have developed this beautiful collection.


your comments

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments

@ Anqa - ill put a new gallery in called Wildlife and include your goat pic in it!

@ Atta - a bit difficult to take pics of people in this region, but will try to do so without getting thumped

@ Aafreen - ill be happy to share techniques with you any time!

fantastic pics

Hey Muzna, the colours and contrasts were absolutely amazing. Amazing pictures, well balanced, rich colors, interesting subjects. I would like to see more human subjects or more life subjects. The beuty of structures like Burj are already there, for example the pic of the local man with the smile was awesome! Look forward to a whole lot more!
Atta Javaid

Beautiful Photography

Absolutely breathtaking ,
i am incredibly fortunate to have such a skilled photographer to look to for guidance x

I love your photos!

All your photos are lovely . my favourite photos are the desert ones.

still looking for the goat.....

where's the pic of the goat then???


Beautiful website - I'd forgotten how many wonderful images you had! Love it!

Your work

Wow Muzna! I wanted to leave a smart comment but all I can say is that I am breathless after viewing your gallery. You have such a good eye for photography and I love your work. Please keep adding to this outstanding collection.